Matthew Sutton is a local Australian based portrait and documentary analogue film photographer whose work focuses on people and their lives.

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"I have been intrigued with film photography since a young age when my parents gifted me a kodak instamatic. My father was my inspiration for photography and music. I still have the analogue negatives from my first camera. Then in high school I became interested in the darkroom processes after our art classes were disbanded. I eventually secured a job with Leo Burnett's Advertising as a darkroom assistant, with some studio work. 

After a hiatus I went back into film photography and eventually struck up a great friendship with whom I believe is one of Australia's master talents and gurus in all things processing, printing and darkroom techniques, Chris Reid of Blanco Negro. To this day I still process my own films and desire to print on lovely warm tone fibre based papers."



Here I am at age 10 standing on a chair taking a photo of the adults at my brother's birthday party. I am using a Kodak Instamatic Camera. 

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