I am trialling a blog page where I will attempt to write a few sentences about some of my photos that I have chosen to single out. 

This photo was taken around 1975, my last year in High School. This is Vic. We were friends in a group of about 5 of us. We were fairly innocent at age 18, mostly driving around exploring in our cars, taking photos and listening to music. Some of us played in a band. This particular photo was probably taken at Greg’s home (the bass player) in the light available from candles having a cup of tea. It was taken on a Pentax K1000, probably with a 50mm lens. The film I used the most back then was Kodak Plus-X 125asa film which I hand processed in D76 in my bathroom at home. I still have the negatives and I am happy that they are all in perfect condition with no fungus or age. 

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